2011 Quilting, Sewing and Crafting
Sharonville, Ohio

Recipient: Good Samaritian NICU
2010 Quilting Around Chatauqua
Chatuaqua, New York
Sept 2010
2010 Quilting, Sewing & Craft
Sharonville, Ohio
Pregnancy Center West
Sept 2010
2010 Original Creative Festival
Sharonville, Ohio
Recipient: Colerain Twp Fire Department
Jun 2010

 Quilting,Stitches, & Crafts Expo
Oklahoma City,OK
Mercy Hospital NICU
Jan 2010

2009 Quilting,Sewing & Crafts
Sharonville, Ohio
Mercy Fairfield NICU
Aug 2009
2008 The American Sewing Expo
Novi, Mi
Henry Ford Bloomfield NICU
Sept 2008

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