Kaye Wood Honored

On June 26-28, The Original Creative Festival hosted its fifth show at the S
haronville Convention Center in Sharonville (Cincinnati), OH. 
One of the
special events that attendees participated in at this year’s Festival was the
LoveQuiltTM Connection.

During the Festival, 30 quilts were made by CQCI volunteers and show attendees. The quilts were donated in memory of two firefighters who died while battling a fire in February. On June 28, Matt Vangen, representative from the Colerain Fire Department, accepted the quilts on their behalf.

The LoveQuiltTM Connection, which celebrated 15 years of existence this year, was created in 1993 by Kaye Wood to show other quilters how to make the six-hour quilt for children in need through their community.During the Festival on June 27, Kaye was honored for all she has done with the LoveQuiltTM Connection. She was presented with three awards. The first award was presented by Mary Kaeser, founder/co-director of Community QuiltConnection, Inc. (CQCI). She awarded Kaye a proclamation on behalf of the mayor of Sharonville, proclaiming June 28 as “LoveQuiltTM Connection Day in Sharonville.” Minnetta Synesael, co-director of CQCI, presented Kaye with a certificate, honoring her for 15 years of community service on behalf of CQCI, and Kathleen Michitti, Volunteer of the Year for the City of Fairfield (where CQCI is located), presented Kaye with a proclamation from the mayor of Fairfield proclaiming, June 28 as “Kaye Wood Day” in the city of Fairfield.

Kaye would like to announce....

Did you know the LoveQuiltTM  Connection is now 15 years old? I can hardly believe it! I created the LoveQuilt TM Connection to encourage people to make 6 Hour Quilts, which are donated to children in need through charitable organizations. My goal is to have as many people as possible learn the technique, so they in turn could, "pay it forward", by teaching it to others. Over 2500 quilts have been made since I first introduced this program, and many quilters have introduced the 6 Hour Quilt to their own communities.

One lady in particular has been relentless in her mission to spread 6 Hour Quilts to the needy via the LoveQuiltTM Connection., and I have named her the National LoveQuiltTM  Connection Coordinator. This person is Mary E. Kaeser from Cincinnati, Ohio. I have chosen Mary because of her success in using the 6 Hour Quilt technique in her own community, by creating the non-profit organization Community Quilt Connection, Inc.. As well as promoting and organizing events in her own community, Mary has successfully introduced the 6 Hour Quilt into the curriculum of several local schools and has taught it to several youth groups, such as the Girl Scouts, for community service projects.

Mary, with my guidance, will present LoveQuiltTM  events nationally and in local communities  in an effort to expand it even more, and to be able to offer more help to those in need.

Our goal now is to compile a list of people and groups using the 6 Hour Quilt technique for their charities. In the future we hope to have official chapters formed, which would hold annual events, so quilts will continually be going to the people who need them. Mary will be available to share her expertise on how to introduce this event to your community and schools. Please e-mail Mary and let her know of your 6 Hour Quilt projects/events/groups, if you wish to receive e-mails for info pertaining to the LoveQuiltTM  Connection, or if you'd like to list your group as a possible chapter enter GROUP, INFO or CHAPTER, in the subject line accordingly. Here is that link:
Mary E. Kaeser
Community Quilt Connection, Inc
Phone: 513-238-2305
Location: Cincinnati Mills Mall
2nd Floor A-237 Entry 2
321 Thomas Lane
Harrison, Ohio 45030

Here are some other suggestions to include in your e-mails to Mary, to help her better understand how and what you and your group are doing.
1) Group or individual name
2) E-mail for contact person
3) Website URL
4) How did you learn about the 6 Hour Quilt?
5) When did you start making 6 Hour Quilts?
6) Approximate number of people involved.
7) Approximate number of quilts previously donated.
8) To what charities have you presented these quilts?
With your help and involvement, we can keep this wonderful charity going for years to come!
Sincerely, Kaye Wood



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