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September 16, 2009


Dear Quilter Friends,


My apologies if you are becoming aware of Community Quilt Connection Inc.’s (CQCI) news for the first time through this email, and not a personal call from Minnetta or me.


I have been trying for a while to get an update from the new owners of Cincinnati Mall regarding their plans for us. Today Abbi from Cincinnati Mall returned my calls to discuss the update of our lease or possible move.


The use of our current space incurs expenses; the fees we pay the Mall do not cover those expenses. The new owners are not willing to underwrite the Center any longer. They have offered us a smaller space downstairs with new lease terms, which would include us paying utilities and other fees.


After much discussion, Minnetta and I have agreed it is in the best interest of CQCI to close. The terms of our written lease state it will cost us to stay beyond the lease expiration date of October 31, 2009; this, therefore, will be our last day. Yes, we plan to continue our program and will be searching for a place. If a new space is not found by October 31, then all CQCI’s property will be put into storage.


If you have any personal items at the center or there are any items you have loaned to CQCI, please contact me (Mary) to make arrangements to pick up your items. This will help us determine what needs to be packed and labeled. 


Even as we pack up to move, the American Sewing Guild event scheduled for October will still take place.


We thank the previous mall owners, supporters and volunteers for ALL the encouragement and support you have given CQCI. Four years ago when we had to move from Cobblewood  Plaza, it was sad to know we had to leave that location. After putting our space problem into God's hands, Cincinnati Mills called - and look what we’ve accomplished since then!


As a non-profit organization, CQCI will need letters of support and reference showing community involvement for future needs.  If you feel inclined to write, please address your letter to my home address below.


Please watch the website for updates: www.communityquiltconnection.org . If you know of someone who wishes to be notified by email, have them send an email to CQUILTCINC05@aol.com to be added to the list. 


AGAIN, we thank you from our HEARTS, for all your support.  

And if you choose, please pray for us in the guidance of CQCI’s future. May God bless you as HE has blessed us.


Mary E. Kaeser
Founder/Co-Director Community Quilt Connection, Inc.

            and National LoveQuilt Coordinator
Phone: 513-238-2305

321 Thomas Lane
Harrison, Ohio 45030


September 9, 2008 Newsletter from Kaye Wood Inc. announced the following:

Kaye Wood's Quilting Newsletter

September 9, 2008



Kaye would like to announce....

Did you know the LoveQuilt Connection is now 15 years old? I can hardly believe it! I created the LoveQuilt Connection to encourage people to make 6 Hour Quilts, which are donated to children in need through charitable organizations. My goal is to have as many people as possible learn the technique, so they in turn could, "pay it forward", by teaching it to others. Over 2500 quilts have been made since I first introduced this program, and many quilters have introduced the 6 Hour Quilt to their own communities.

One lady in particular has been relentless in her mission to spread 6 Hour Quilts to the needy via the LoveQuilt Connection, and I have named her the National LoveQuilt Connection Coordinator. This person is Mary E. Kaeser from Cincinnati, Ohio. I have chosen Mary because of her success in using the 6 Hour Quilt technique in her own community, by creating the non-profit organization Community Quilt Connection. As well as promoting and organizing events in her own community, Mary has successfully introduced the 6 Hour Quilt into the curriculum of several local schools and has taught it to several youth groups, such as the Girl Scouts, for community service projects.

Mary, with my guidance, will present LoveQuilt events nationally and in local communities, in an effort to expand it even more, and to be able to offer more help to those in need.

 Our goal now is to compile a list of people and groups using the 6 Hour Quilt technique for their charities. In the future we hope to have official chapters formed, which would hold annual events, so quilts will continually be going to the people who need them. Mary will be available to share her expertise on how to introduce this event to your community and schools. Please e-mail Mary and let her know of your 6 Hour Quilt projects/events/groups, if you wish to receive e-mails for info pertaining to the LoveQuilt Connection, or if you'd like to list your group as a possible chapter. Enter GROUP, INFO or CHAPTER, in the subject line accordingly. Here is that link:
Mary E. Kaeser
Community Quilt Connection, Inc
Phone: 513-238-2305
Location: Cincinnati Mills Mall
2nd Floor A-237 Entry 2
Mail: 321 Thomas Lane
Harrison, Ohio 45030

Here are some other suggestions to include in your e-mails to Mary, to help her better understand how and what you and your group are doing.
1) Group or individual name
2) E-mail for contact person
3) Website URL
4) How did you learn about the 6 Hour Quilt?
5) When did you start making 6 Hour Quilts?
6) Approximate number of people involved.
7) Approximate number of quilts previously donated.
8) To what charities have you presented these quilts?
With your help and involvement, we can keep this wonderful charity going for years to come!
Sincerely, Kaye Wood

Note from Mary:
I am truly honored to be trusted with this leadership. Without the support of the volunteers at the Community Quilt Connection, Inc. I would not have been so successful. Thank you to all of you for the support over the years.

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